Spirit of Generosity

Channeled message from Joshua, The Ring Collective:

The Federation is now in talks to discuss the future of the ascension and its progress.  Lots has been accomplished so far but we have quite a ways to go yet and we’re hoping to have it completed in the next year or two maximum.  In the meantime, it’s important for everyone to continue to upgrade their energy levels as much as possible and continue spreading positivity and joy as often as they can.  This is a good time of year to practice generosity of spirit and spread the cheer far and wide as everyone is mostly in a giving mindset.  It is important to continue this trend on into the new year and as long as is possible.  Continuously look for ways to help others and lighten their loads in the world.  Not all people are given equally in this world.  It is part of the beauty of Mother Earth.  The differences create tension and release as new heights are achieved and people rise above their initial circumstances upward and onward.  Not much is appreciated or enjoyed as sweetly as those things that have to be earned and hard fought to obtain.  So it is not helpful to help others too much or so much that they don’t learn to do for themselves.  You might call this tough love, but to us, it is just life on your planet and makes for a richer experience.  Painful at time, yes, but that is part of the beauty and richness when one learns to overcome barriers.  Think of how strong and powerful that makes you feel to have prevailed against all odds.  It’s human nature to want and need to do this.  The rich who don’t use their money to influence and buy their way into life circumstances and situations are rare and often highly regarded by the general public.  It is not often that you hear of such things happening.  Service to others is and should be everyone’s number 1 goal in life.  That is what the mother and father want to see from us.  Service to others.  It’s not entirely self less to do for others since so much is given as reward to those who do.  Focus on generosity of spirit and service, raise your vibrations even higher and higher than ever and continue with your ascension, knowing deep inside that all is well and the world is as it should be.  Balance is returning little by little to Earth.  The imbalance will not survive the ascension and , while this will anger some, it is for the best of mankind so that less suffer and happiness and peace is restored fully.  Life on planet Earth is not meant to be so hard and torturous.  Hang in there and continue to take heart.  The fight is real and the war is just.  Continue on, one battle at a time, our Light Warriors and Angels of Light.

And so it is.



You Are Not a Computer

Channeled messaged from Joshua of the Ring Collective:

Greetings!  We are very pleased to speak to you today about what it means to ascend.  We talk a lot about getting downloads and upgrades.  This makes you sound like a computer system.  You are, of course, not a computer, but a soul, a spirit, energy.  The upgrades are both physical and mental as are the downloads.  Much like your computer when it is receiving a download or installing a new program, it takes up a lot of the computer’s energy and causes other processes to slow down and become sluggish or unresponsive.  This is similar to how you may be feeling these days.  You may be experiencing a lot of fatigue, inability to focus on your daily life, overwhelm, sluggishness, etc.  This is quite normal and part of the process of the ascension.  Your mind and body are using a lot of its resources to absorb the new information and process the downloads.  This is not a permanent situation that you should be concerned with.  Also, a lot of the information downloads are coming thru as you sleep, so you might wake up not feeling as rested as you normally do.  Your brain has been very busy throughout the night working and your body is busy as well working with the changes that are coming into it.  We always recommend getting extra rest as your body needs it, eating well and taking in plenty of water.  We are noticing that most people do not drink enough water throughout the day and are actually in deficit in this area.  Plenty of water helps your body and mind process the changes easier and puts less stress on your internal systems.  There is no reason to be concerned.  These symptoms of the ascension are temporary and you will get used to the new energy and assimilate the upgrades and downloads soon enough.  You might already be experiencing some relief from the symptoms.  Do not be surprised or disheartened if some of them return as new information comes through for you.

Everyone has an upgrade team helping them get through this process.  If you are called to a certain Archangel or spirit entity at this time, it is safe to assume that they are on your ascension team and it would be helpful to you to acknowledge them and ask for their assistance as you go about your day.  The spirits and angels that are dedicated to this process are ready, willing and very able to help you in every way.  You may feel suddenly very exhausted during the day.  If at all possible, take time to rest and recharge.  There is nothing wrong with you that a little nap won’t cure.  Also, when this happens, drink some extra water.  Energy water that has electrolytes in it is very beneficial as well.  Just avoid artificial sweeteners and chemicals in your fluids as much as possible.

You might be drawn to take in extra caffeine to help with the fatigue and sleepiness.  Be careful about over-doing it with the caffeine.  Too much can actually be counter-productive and block some of your energy circuitry from receiving the downloads fully.  We’re not saying to stop your caffeine, just limit it to one or two moderate cups per day.  Also, avoid fatty foods, fried foods, spicy foods.  This puts extra stress on your body at a time when it is working at peak levels already and can not afford to work harder to process food.  Exercise lightly at this time.  It is very good to do this, but again, it’s not an optimal time to work out hard and over stress your body.  It will just prolong the ascension process and the symptoms that you are currently struggling with.

Rest assured that the ascension is coming through continually for all who are ascending.  The old systems are being phased out every day more and more.  You will continue to see the dark side of public figures being brought into the light.  Clean up your own messes and shadow sides.  Work with your shadow self and help it come into the light to dissipate and heal.  Process through your fears, anger, frustrations, and relationships.  This is a transitional time period for everyone.  As the old worn out systems are replaced you will start to feel better and more energetic again.

All is as it should be.

And so it is.


Year of Transformation

Channelled message from Joshua, The Ring Collective:

This new year that is closing upon you soon will be quite the year of transformations and clarifications.  As the veil lifts on the world and people can see what has been hidden and out of sight many will find themselves living a much more purposeful and meaningful life.  The freedom that will ring in the new year will be a glorious and uplifting feeling for all who seek the light in their lives.  Light seekers are going to find that their lives flow with joy and unharnessed love and light in the coming year.  Much to look forward to in the new year.  We have often said, have heart, the tide is turning and the darkness will be lifting soon.  Much of that darkness will definitely feel lighter this coming year for many, many people.  It’s important to keep love in your hearts and lead your life from a loving, open place.  We want all people to lead with love when it comes to, especially, their interactions with others.  Even those who have hurt you or you presume to have harmed you in some way.  It is important for your own light to keep shining brightly to keep the love in your heart and let it lead your actions and interactions with others.  Everyone here is on a path of enlightenment and growth in order to raise their vibration and live on the new Earth.  This is one of the most exciting times to be alive in this dimension and be a part of the ascension that is currently occurring.  As the darkness falls away and the clouds of despair dissolve there will be much rejoicing from all corners of the planet and in all cultures.  Remember that we are all really from the same source energy and all have something important to bring to the planetary consciousness.  Be creative and let the light flow through you as you go about your life.  Source loves it when you create and see the world from different directions.

The other really important thing to keep in mind as we ascend is that everyone needs to let their own masks of in-authenticity fall away.  Discard all that is false about yourself.  Open yourself up to living a truly authentic and real life as much as possible.  Falsehoods and fakery will not stand up through the ascension and the masks will fall away either way.  Your true self and true light will shine forth whether you allow it or not.  It’s definitely best to invite authenticity into your life than to have it hoisted on you from outside sources.  For instance, these fallen “heroes” that are in the news so much these days for the ill deeds of their pasts are prime examples of an outside source forcing their masks of in-authenticity to peel off for all to see.  People you thought for many years to be good people, authority figures or powerful figures are now being shown for who they truly are and their actions are now visible for all to see.  Clean out your own closets.  If there are skeletons in there that you are ashamed of, fix that.  Bring the skeletons out of the dark and into the light and heal and make amends where necessary.  You take the lead on how your darkness comes into the light, for all will be visible soon enough.  These “famous” people are just the tip of the icebergs that are out there.  Any dissonance in your own life will have to be brought into alignment in order to follow the ascension.  Heal your falsehoods and bring your dissonances into harmony with your world.  Now is the time to prepare yourselves.  Those who are living honestly and openly will have a much easier time than those who hold onto their old warn out false egos.  Let go of that now and stop playing those games with yourself and others.  We know this is hard to do and that many people might even criticize you for “changing” and living more truthfully.  Realize that this is part of their own awakening process too or it would not bother them so much.  Own your part in what has happened in your life, forgive yourself and others and let your true light shine through in every possible way every day.  It takes a lot of courage to live this way.  We know this.  In the old 3rd dimensional world you think you are still living in, this kind of honesty is often scoffed at and used against you which is why you built your false walls to begin with.  Ask for Divine protection from the Angels and your Guides as you go about embarking on this hero’s journey you have been called to take part in.  You are all Light Warriors on your own hero’s journey toward enlightenment and higher vibration and we know it won’t be easy but we assure you it will be worth it.  All hero’s journeys are worth it in the end.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

And so it is.


The Beauty of The World

snow2Looking out my window this morning as the snow gently covers the trees, I am awestruck at the purity of the beauty of this world we live in.  There is nothing like being outside at night and the only sound is the snow flakes hitting the ground and the sparkling of the glistening snow in the moon light.  Ah, to be alive in this amazing place we call home.  Out planet is a truly wondrous and beautiful place and is alive with her bounty.  The stillness of the new fallen snow reminds me to be grateful for this beauty and peace that she brings to my life.  I could meditate for hours on the flakes falling from the sky.  Warm memories of childhood snow days come to mind, flooding me with pleasant and sweet feelings.  This is, after all, what it is to be alive.  We’re here to enjoy this beauty that surrounds us every day.  Love the Earth.  Love your home.  Even in the deepest part of the ghetto right now there is beauty waiting to be discovered.  Peace on Earth can be found between the snowflakes, the rain drops, the falling leaves, the blades of grass, the grains of sand.  It’s in the mortar that holds your building together.  It’s in the tires on your car.  It’s in the smile on your child’s face and the tears in her eyes.  It’s in the wrinkles on your grandma’s face, the gray hairs on your head, and the soft breath of your sleeping pets.  Beauty is every where.  Love is every where.  Earth is calling us to love each other and make peace.  Be silent and look around you.  Search for the quiet beauty in your world.  It’s there.  And if you can’t see it, close your eyes and see it there, inside you.  All the world is a reflection of what you can imagine.  Imagine the beautiful scene and birth it into the world.  Carry the image with you throughout your day and pour the beauty out into the world as you go about your business.  This is one of the ways we can all raise our vibrations and work towards a more loving, peaceful world.  Bring the beauty of you out into the world and share it every where you go.  See only the beauty in those around you.  Let the rest fall to the ground like snowflakes melting onto the ground.  Beauty is every where.  Bring the beauty out with you and live the love that you are in the world.  It’s infectious.  Infect the world with your light and love.  And believe in the peace and beauty of this place.

OPEN HAND – We’ve entered the – INFLEXION POINT – in the 5D Shift – How Will it Affect You? – 12-2-17

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The 5D Shift rolls on. And even though the greater picture might not be recognised or understood by the masses, nevertheless, it continues to influence us all, impacting every single aspect of our lives. Everything is consciousness. Everything is connected to the torsional flow which, no matter what density we find ourselves buried in, wants to compel our souls back to the source. For Gaia, the current transition means a massive shift of consciousness into the Fifth Density, which will leave no stone unturned.

Right now, I perceive we’ve entered what’s called the “Inflexion Point” in the shift. What is that and how might it be affecting you?…

Manifesting a Consensus Karmic Construct

We know that reality is woven together by ‘strings’ of consciousness, that all life forms from the background ‘quantum soup’. Even though things appear as hard and separate and solid, these are perceptions in a consensus…

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On the Nature of Boundaries – Tom Kenyon

We Signed Up For This

On the Nature of Boundaries – Tom Kenyon

DECEMBER 5, 2017 AT 6:43 AM

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Art: Georges Armand @ Tutt’Art


On the Nature of Boundaries

by Tom Kenyon

Awhile back, at one of my workshops, a woman approached me quite upset.

She had been having lunch with other participants in the seminar and the topic of trust had come up. She admitted to the group that she had trouble trusting others. Her new-found friends began to immediately offer ways to help her.

One suggested affirmations like “I fully and completely trust the universe.” Another offered a visualization exercise to see herself as a flower of light fully open to the world. A third offered her a private healing session at half price. Everyone at the table seemed to agree…

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Super Moon Energy Vortex

The super moon that came in last night is bringing with it new powerful energy.  This is the only super moon that is full in 2017.  It was not that spectacular a showing for most of the world, but what is significant about it is the energy that it brings with it to your world.  The super moon energy is extra potent and strong.  As you are seeing in your news lately over the past couple of days, the clearing of the old negativity is really heating up and starting to grow and grow.  The vortex for the clearing is opening wider and wider so that all of that darkness can enter and be transformed back into positive light energy full of Source energy and love.  There has been much rejoicing over the new developments but we are here to tell you that this is truly just the tip of your iceberg.  You will be shocked very very much by what will come to light in the near future about those that you thought you could trust and rely on.  The truth is coming through the huge vortex that has opened and it is here to cleanse and return that which is not pure back to source and turned into pure light energy.  We are not talking about physical death here.  That is truly between the soul and Source.  What we are speaking of is an energy clearing and cleansing through the vortex that has opened just for this purpose.  This vortex will collect all of the negativity that it can attract as long as it is needed, which might be quite a while.  Several years, perhaps.  But once the old energy enters the vortex it can not come back out as anything other than light, love and truth.  Many will fall soon and your world will be inspired and transformed into more of the energy that you wish to come to you.  All you need to do is imagine it and it will manifest for you.  Imagine, with all of your heart for the best intentions for all involved to be transformed and they will be.  Anyone who holds love and truth in their heart will be transformed by the light.  There are other vortexes that are opening now just for this purpose.  You can even open your own now.  Imagine your energy swirling and getting stronger and deeper and stronger and deeper until the power of the vortex you created is strong and powerful.  You can send all of your blockages and negativity into it to be cleansed and transformed as well as put your deepest most sincere and loving requests into it.  The vortex will take any request that isn’t of light and transform it, so be aware of what you request from it.  If it isn’t pure going in it will surely be pure coming out.